Ready for sale

Items available in KVK-Alappuzha for sale

1. Vegetable seeds

2. Vegetable seedlings

3.  Planting materials of fruit crops ,spices, tuber crops etc

4. Bio-agents -Trichoderma,Pseudomonas,Verticilium  etc

5. ME Trap, Cue lure trap

6. Publications 

7. Azolla

8. Mushroom spawn

9. Layer chicks

Priced Publications 

Sl. NoTitlePrice
 1Fruit processing25
 2Scientific Bee keeping10
 3Vegetable cultivation20
 4Banana cultivation10
 5Coconut value added products20
 6Mushroom spawn production20
 7Oyster mushroom cultivation25
 8Feeding patter of milking cows and Food poison10
 9Jackfruit value added products25
 10Bio-control of pest and diseases in crops30